A Guide to trip in

Setting Consignor’s and Consignee’s Address

To transport a consignment, start by telling us where to pick your shipment from. You have to add an address on your application which is stored in your address book. Once an address is stored in the address book, you can use them for consignor, consignee as well as Billing Details across the platform.

To start booking,

  1. Tap on the white box with ADD CONSIGNOR ADDRESS where you want to transport the goods from.
  2. Add an address,
    • Select the state from the list of states where Trip In is operational.
    • Type the closest CITY, TOWN or VILLAGE to your pick up location and select the place from the drop down menu. If the place is not showing up in the list, try typing another nearby location.
    • Type the name of the firm, address, If the firm has booked or received a truck from Trip In, it will show in a drop down menu and other the entire address will automatically be filled.
      It is always better to verify the auto-filled fields.
    • Enter the name of the contact person who the driver can contact for reaching the location. The mobile number and email id will be used for all the communication regarding the shipment.

If you have addresses saved already, you can directly select any address from your saved addresses or you can add a new address by clicking on the “Add Address” blue button. You can use these addresses elsewhere too across the platform.

Similarly you can also select a consignee from your address book. You can also add multiple consignor’s addresses to drop goods at one address or pick up goods from one address and drop at multiple addresses. Just use the (+) icon to add multiple addresses.

NOTE : You can only select one truck in case of multiple consignor or consignee. Also, you cannot pick up from multiple addresses and drop at multiple addresses.

Selecting Trucks

Once you select the consignor and consignee’s addresses, your application will display the number of trucks available on that route for the same day and next day. You can select a maximum number of 5 trucks in one order.

  1. Select Today on top part of the screen if you want a truck the same day and select Tomorrow if you want a truck the next day.
  2. Select your truck on your app by sliding the payload in up or down direction till you find the right one for your shipment.
  3. Similarly select the right body and length according to your requirement.
  4. The rate/tonne is displayed on the bottom left part of the screen.
  5. To add the truck to your cart, click on “ADD THIS TRUCK” button on bottom left. This truck is added to your cart which is displayed in the bottom part of the screen.
  6. Swipe up your cart to see the trucks selected. To remove a truck from your cart, tap the (X) button next to your truck. To proceed, click on “PROCEED” button on the bottom.

Select Goods to be transported

After you have select the trucks you want to book, select the goods that you want to transport. You can also use the search option on the top to find your category.

Tap on the GOODS TYPE that matches your category of goods.

Enter the Estimated Value of Goods that will be transported. This value will also be used to calculate the premium for the insurance and will also be the maximum claimable amount.

Also, select SECOND HAND GOODS check box if the goods that are being transported are second hand.

Select Billing Details

After selecting the goods, enter the billing details of the person who is transporting the shipment. You can use the addresses already entered in your address book or you can add a new address.

  1. Tap on Billing Details.
  2. Select the name of the firm who is ordering the trucks for transporting the shipment which is generally the consignor or consignee. If it is not either of them, select it from the pop-up if it is a consignor or consignee.
  3. You can also add an address if you want to bill it on another address not saved in your address book.

Order Summary

Once you have entered all the details of your shipment, your app will show you a summary of your order before payment. It is always better to check all the details once again before confirming the order.

Details that needs to be checked.

  1. Consignor/Consignee
  2. Billing Details
  3. Goods to be Transported
  4. Estimated Value of Goods
  5. Trucks selected for today and tomorrow.
  6. Total Amount

On your order summary, you can also remove pre-added insurance on your order if you do not wish to take it. It is a very minor cost in comparison to the value of goods and we recommend you always take insurance for your consignment.

Truck Status and Tracking

Your order is confirmed once we have received the payment for your order. Your payment is safe with us and is only transferred to truck owner after 7 days of delivery confirmation from you.

Once your order is confirmed, we instantly provide you with the details of truck number along with driver details that will transport your shipment. You can use the Truck Status page to track your order and trucks.

Every order booked on your app is displayed in a card on Truck Status page. To track your order and Share Invoice, click on the “Consignor and Consignee” section of the order card of truck status page. It will take you to your order confirmation page where the details of your order is displayed.

To track your truck, click on any truck in the order. On your truck details page, your app will show you the details of the truck payload, body type, driver name and phone number and you can also track the location of the truck by clicking on the map on top of the page.

To provide you flexibility, you can also reroute your truck by clicking on reroute button next to consignee. Select a new address, pay the differential fare and your truck will be rerouted immediately.

Why do I have to pay in advance ?

What are the various methods of payment ?

How does Trip In work?

Trip In is a platform for road transportation industry. It is an online truck booking app where you can register and book trucks immediately and monitor them without making a single call.

You can book a truck easily using our Trip In App on playstore (IOS coming soon). Just mention the necessary details of your consignment, tell us your truck requirement in terms of Capacity, Body and Length of the truck, select the type of goods that you want to send along with Billing Details and confirm your order using our multiple payment options.

Once your order is confirmed, our system automatically generates a Delivery Confirmation Number and sends it to the receiver. It also allocates the most suitable trucks for transporting your consignment. The truck details are displayed on your app in truck status. You can easily track your truck on your app and it also gives you the details of the truck driver.

You can book your trucks for the same day or also one day in advance. We have integrated various features like your application tell you instant availability of trucks available for the route, instant price per ton for your trucks and also give you instant confirmation of your order along with truck registration number and driver mobile number.

To confirm the delivery of the truck, the receiver needs to enter the delivery confirmation number on driver’s phone sent by Trip In at the time of order confirmation which confirms delivery across the platform.

When can I book a truck ?

In all the states where Trip In operates, you can book a truck anytime, 24 hours and 365 days.

You can also book a truck for the same day or one day in advance in the same order. Its always better to check tomorrow in case the truck is not available for today.

Just enter your consignor and consignee’s address, select the truck, and pay. Receive an immediate confirmation along with ETA, current location of the truck and the driver details.

Also, go thoroughly through the order summary as it has detailed view of all the requirements you have mentioned. You can also add or remove Marine Insurance on this screen.

Why do I trust Trip In?

Trip In is a technological platform where we have created a system where there is no human involvement right from the process of booking a truck to delivery confirmation (except the driver because autonomous vehicles are not there yet).

The entire system is built on logic and algorithms which help the system monitor and track every order on its platform. There are various processes running in the background to help us identify any suspicious or unusual behavior of any order. So, for example if your truck deviates from the route, our system generates an alert and records it in a log. It is a self-improving platform which identifies and learns by tracking the truck digitally.

We also have a dedicated team of people who closely monitor your truck movement manually and are directly connected to you via our toll-free number 1800-103-8747(TRIP) so you can directly talk to a person and receive direct information of your shipment.

Everything apart, we believe and understand that we cannot still guarantee that your shipment is 100% safe so to compensate we offer marine insurance by Iffco-Tokio on our platform which you can easily opt for at your order summary at a very minimal cost.

We don't want you to trust our words or people who have built Trip In. We want you to trust technology and the system that we have made.